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How to make tasty salmon rice?Try at home....

1. Rice
2. Salmon 1
3. Onion 150g
4. Green chilies,
5. Garlic, Ginger
6. Aginomoto
7. Pepper powder
8. Vegetable oil

First cook rice in normal way. Then cut onion, green chilies, garlic, ginger small slices. Then take a saucepan and put in to oil and switch on the gas cooker. After 5 minutes put salmon, onion and green chilies and fry it well.

Then take a separate saucepan and put in to oil and switch on the gas cooker and put garlic, ginger, rice, pepper, aginomoto and fried salmon, onion and green chilies and temper it.

What is salmon rice? Is this salmon rice a Indian food?

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