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Do men and women expect same things. Difference between men and women
Men and women belong to two different chambers no matter what, yes, I agree but in order to live a successful relationship, both individuals should have a clear understanding about each other. I don‘t call it crystal clear, but it should be transparent, not translucent or opaque. Let it be a six-month-relationship or a five-year-relationship or even a matrimonial relationship, people are so unpredictable, trust me. As women, we should have an idea of what men want from us particularly. Here is a list of few commonly accepted truths about what men always want in a relationship.
A lady as in principles is the emblem of love and care. Therefore no matter how busy the man is, no matter what a small time he can spend on the family, the woman should give full time attention. Though seem obviously unfair, this is what happens for real-around the world and this is the biggest thing men expect from their women: giving them full time attention!

Typically, women are meant to be the way men wish. I really don’t know what I should call it in this twenty first century -male domination or what, but no matter how modenized the world becomes, this theory is the same. Men want their women to dress, act, behave and do everything the way they wish. Once ladies do what men wish, they feel quite happy, for whatever reason. This is another red letter fact in the list of what men expect from their women.

Women on the other hand expect a pot from men like protection, care and above all love. Since women believe in little beautiful things like sending a card, writing a letter, a tender kiss on forehead, men should understand it.

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